Registration for Land of 10K Scoots includes access to all events and rides; Scavenger hunt, registration dinner, Big Ride breakfast, tire and carb rebuild challenge, scooter trivia, and the requisite swag bag. Along with other treats the swag bag will include a scooter rally bingo card, a rally autograph book and one raffle ticket.

Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase. Registration is required to attend events including, but not limited to, the brunch and raffle.

Pre-registration ($35.00 with a complimentary Rally T-Shirt and access to all events) is here:

When registering, please include your city, what you’re riding and if you have a club affiliation – we’d like to know where you’re from.




Land of 10,000 Scoots 2016 Rally

Past Minnesota Scooter Rallys -Rattle My Bones

The 2016 Rally wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for our KICK A$$ sponsors and volunteers. As we add new sponsors this year, we'll note them here!